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Nudging agents in social networks for collective action 1.0.0 (3)
Nudging agents in social networks for collective action (1)
Location Analysis Hybrid ABM (1)
MHMSLeptoDy (Multi-host, multi-serovar Leptospira Dynamics Model) (1)
The Opportunistic Acquisition Model of Stone Tool Raw Material Procurement (1)
Applying Brantingham’s Neutral Model of Stone Raw Material Procurement to the Pinnacle Point Middle Stone Age Record, Western Cape, South Africa (1)
Evolution of altruistic punishment (1)
An Agent-based model of the economy with consumer credit (1)
Agent-based model for centralized student admission process (1)
An Agent-Based School Choice Matching Model (1)
From Individual Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to Agent Based Models: Modeling Multi-Factorial and Multi-stakeholder Decision-Making for Water Scarcity (1)
Location Analysis Hybrid ABM (1)
Location Analysis Hybrid ABM (1)
RobbyGA modified 2019 (1)
Metaphoria 2019 eternal mutation (1)
Metaphoria 2019 eternal fitness test (1)
Three-Goods Trader 2019 (1)
Double Auction (1)
Metaphoria 2019 (1)
Toy Trader 2019 (1)
Mass Shooting Simulation (1)
Tiebout sorting (1)
Drafting agent-based modeling into basketball analytics (1)
PPHPC - Predator-Prey for High-Performance Computing (1)
Hybrid Climate Assessment Model (HCAM) (1)
MEGADAPT - Socio-hydrological risk model - Theoretical (no data) implementation (1)
Location Analysis Hybrid ABM (1)
03 MppLab V1.09 – Maximum Power Principle Laboratory (1)