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A Macroeconomic Model of a Closed Economy

A Macroeconomic Model of a Closed Economy (version 1.0.0)

This program has not been developed to the level of a user application nor has it been developed to be robust enough to be adaptable to a wide variety of applications but care has been taken so that it is written in a self-documenting way so that it may be useful to anyone that might build from it or use it as an example.

This model is not intended to match a specific economy (and is not calibrated to do so) but its particular minimalist implementation may be useful for future research/development.

The main purpose of this program is to demonstrate a mechanism (emphasis on ‘a mechanism’) in which the relative share of labor shifts between industries.

It is possible for the program/simulation to produce an undesired result in which a population starves and a simulation is exited early.

Release Notes

This will be the first release of this model. As is the model and program have not been sufficiently developed to be robust and adaptable enough for a wide variety of applications (perhaps some future iteration of development will be). The program does not accept any input parameters and the program does not write output to files (results are displayed on graphs in a window).

An apache ant build file has been included for compiling the program.

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