About CoMSES 2019

Welcome to the third CoMSES Net virtual conference, CoMSES 2019!

CoMSES 2019 is running from Monday, October 07, 2019 to Friday, October 25, 2019. CoMSES 2019 is a three week long AMA to facilitate community dialogue between modeling scientists and we are excited to present the following two sessions:

Community Standards

These talks relate to establishing community standards for developing and documenting interoperable and reusable computational models.

What OpenGMS can contribute to Geographical Research by @chenmin0902

The Open Modeling Foundation: Community Standards for Access, Documentation, Replication, & Integration of Computational Models by @cmbarton

The Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System by @csdms

The Megadapt Model, a Retrospective by @cpritcha

Earth system modeling with complex dynamic human societies: the copan:CORE open World-Earth modeling framework by @heitzig

The Catalog App: Cataloging individual and agent-based models by @marcojanssen

An Introduction to OpenMI 2.0 by @qharpham

Agent-Based Modeling: Standards for Communication and Documentation (ODD Protocol) by @volker.grimm

Individual Presentations

CoMSES Net member submitted presentations on a variety of topics related to agent based modeling.

Simulating Dystopian Worlds: A Sci-Fi Agent-based Modeling Anthology by @agillreath-brown

Exploration and Exploitation ABM by @avalokan

Command and Control ABM by @farzanehdavari

How do social networks influence waste separation? by @francesko901

Economics and Capital Exchange ABMs by @garvin_h_boyle

The use of Palmiter Genes in Evolutionary Economic Models by @garvin_h_boyle

Development of an Agent-Based Model (or Digital Twin) for understanding the impact of compensation scheme policies on recovery after workplace injury by @jason.thompson

Psychological Regression Models in Agent-Based Modeling by @iandennismiller

Mussel Bed Boundary Formation and Intensity by @mschumm

Please keep discussion on a presentation limited to its topic thread. CoMSES Net has adopted the Carpentries’ Code of Conduct and we ask that all participants abide by the code to keep CoMSES Net a welcoming and supportive environment for all people. Thank you for being a part of CoMSES Net!