Agent Based Modeling and Social Network Analysis

We are seeking applicants for a research associate or research assistant professor (research track) to join our group of innovative public health researchers in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology at Loyola University Chicago. Up to five years of funding is available to support the position. The research assistant professor position requires a minimum of first authorship of peer-reviewed publications; the research associate position requires potential to contribute to analyses and publications. The research assistant professor position offers the opportunity to submit grant proposals as Principal Investigator, allowing for transition to independent researcher status.

Required qualifications include a doctorate in epidemiology, sociology, biostatistics, computer science/engineering, or related field; we will consider someone who is ABD or has a terminal MS or MPH and the right skill set. Requires excellent quantitative and/or object- oriented programming skills; and some experience with the concepts or methods of complex systems modeling (social network analysis, dynamic systems modeling, agent based modeling, etc.). Knowledge of geographic information systems, multilevel modeling, nutrition, physical activity, or obesity is an advantage, but not required. Experience using social network analysis software (Sienna, Ucinet, Pajek, etc.) and/or agent-based modeling software (NetLogo, Repast Simphony) is a big plus.

Anticipated start date is October, 2009.

General questions about the position may be sent to Dr. David Shoham:
[email protected]

Classifications/ Keywords:
Agent-Based Modeling
Behavioral Science
Computer Science/ Information Systems
Preventive Medicine
Public Health - General
Social Network Analysis

David A. Shoham, PhD, MSPH
Assistant Professor of Preventive
Medicine and Epidemiology
Stritch School of Medicine
Loyola University Chicago
telephone: 708-327-9006
fax: 708-327-9009

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