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Archiving your model: 3. Adding contributors


Steps to this tutorial:
1. Getting started
2. Uploading your files
3. Adding contributors
4. Inputting metadata
5. Final notes

You can add to your list of contributors by clicking on the Contributors tab on your model archive dashboard.

  • By default, the submitter is listed as an author. You can edit the submitter’s role by clicking the edit icon on the right side of the box.

    • To add new contributors, you can either find them in the CoMSES Net System or add them manually.
  • Specify the role of each contributor by selecting it from the dropdown menu (each contributor can be more than one role)

  • Click ‘Register citable contributor’ to add them to the list of contributors. Repeat this process until all contributors have been added.

  • Click ‘Save’ to save the list of contributors to complete. Unsaved contributors will be highlighted in yellow.

Once you have listed all of your contributors, you can move on to input your metadata.

Archiving your model: 4. Adding metadata to your model
Archiving your model: 2. Uploading your files
Archiving your model: 5. Final notes
Archiving your model: 1. Getting Started