BEHAVE Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling for Social Scientists

Jointly organised by the ESLS PhD Programme in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies, the Behave Lab (University of Milan) and GECS - Research Group on Experimental and Computational Sociology (University of Brescia), this training school aims to introduce students to NetLogo, the most popular platform to build Agent-Based Models (ABM), by using modelling examples from social science research.
Students will be provided with the theoretical background on the use of ABM in social science research and will learn how to develop an ABM from scratch. The examples will be on social impact, culture dynamics and social network effects on individual beliefs. Individual activities and exercise will be combined with group activities. No prerequisite on computing is needed. Students are expected to join the training with their own laptop. Students are also encouraged to develop a customized project starting from a personal research idea: bring your own model or data if you would like to work on it!

See the faculty and the programme here:

Fees include fully lodge accomodation, luncheons, local transportation, social events and a special evening “beer-cart” time: at the end of each day, a brief informal talk by experts on ABM-related innovative issues (e.g., how to publish ABM in scholarly journals, including model documentation and sharing, exploring the map of institutes and centers worldwide to approach for collaboration and projects) with drinks and food!

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