Call for EOI: a Lorentz Workshop on "Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence using Social Simulation"

Dear Colleagues,

We are going to apply for a Lorentz Workshop on the topic of “Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence using Social Simulation” for the target dates of 6-10th May 2019 in Leiden, NL. Please see for more details.

Lorentz workshop ( are very special and highly productive events where a group of (in this case 25) people interact over a whole week. Thus it is essential that participants stay for the duration. Usually various papers, grant proposals and other collaborations come out of these workshops.

Lunches, tea/coffee, the evening welcome reception and workshop dinner are all provided. There is a deal for a local nice hotel at €85 a night. There will be some monetary support for early stage researchers who can not otherwise afford this (hotel + up to €300 travel).

If you wish to attend you need to write a few paragraphs explaining your relevant research, position and interest in this topic. Please send this to Melania Borit [email protected] by the 28th May.

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Thanks for posting this Bruce! In the future, if you post these events via it’ll get autoposted here so others can discuss if they want. That way it’ll be visible on our event calendar and searchable by date as well.

Best regards,

This is not an event… yet! If the proposal is successful it will be, so it was a bit confusing where to post this, not clear. ATM we are just asking for Expressions of Interest so we can apply for the event.

Thanks anyway