Common ABM Model Representations

[This topic is one of four seeking input and ideas from the ABM software development community regarding future directions for the ABM tools community. Even (especially?) if you aren’t past of software development efforts please share your thoughts.]

  1. Is a common ABM representation possible or useful? Would it be overly stifling? (See Swarmfest discussion earlier this year.) Advantages and disadvantages?

  2. Would more generic approaches (UML, XML) suffice?

  3. What are implementation / uptake challenges?

As a beginner who have come to know people coming from different ABM schools I noticed that there is scarce integration between different methodologies.

For instance in developing the conceptual model of my ABM I found that ODD and UML (and ARDI) can mutually benefit and complement each other.
Who is interested can find more in this working paper: