Community Responses to ABM Criticism

[This topic is one of four seeking input and ideas from the ABM software development community regarding future directions for the ABM tools community. Even (especially?) if you aren’t past of software development efforts please share your thoughts.]

Let’s address this head-on. We all have stories of how efforts at funding development have seemed to be building momentum, only to be undermined or even directly attacked by entrenched interests. This is of course not unusual for a new (revolutionary?) technology – it is the norm. Given that…

  1. Where have the greatest challenges come from?

  2. Are things getting better or worse?

  3. Where are the criticisms justified?

  4. Would re-labeling or soft-peddling ABM itself be useful and if so what are long-term dangers? In general are we perhaps too focused on methodology vs. science?

  5. Would broader or more explicit organization help or hinder in promoting our favored methodology?