COMSES Net Virtual Conference 2017

UPDATE: The conference is now live at

We welcome papers dealing with agent-based modeling of social, ecological and social-ecological systems, as well as methodological issues in the context of agent-based modeling. This conference will occur online and is intended for CoMSES Net members. During the conference, which will take place over three weeks, talks will be available for viewing on the conference website. Q&A will also take place online during this period, as participants and other CoMSES members will be able to pose questions to speakers via online comments and speakers will be able to reply in the same way. We prioritize talks for which the model code and documentation will be available.

We realize that a virtual conference will not have the same intensity as a face-to-face conference, but we expect that this still leads to a lively interaction between the participants. The reason we organize such a conference is to provide low cost opportunity to interact with other CoMSES Net members. There will be no registration fee for the conference, but one needs to be registered as a CoMSES member.

We welcome two types of submissions:
- Individual talks (15-17 minutes)
- Panel sessions (10-12 minutes) for a maximum of 5 presentations.

Instead of traveling to the conference to attend panels and deliver a talk, speakers will do the following:
1) Film yourself giving a talk of 15-17 minutes. This can be done with your own desktop or laptop. You can film you giving a talk or have a narrated slide show, or pursue a more ambitious edited video which combines you talking, slides and model simulations. Giving the increase relevant software available, it is now possible, and relatively easy, to record a talk of good quality.
2) During the conference, participants can ask you questions, and you are expected to respond to questions raised by your talk. You will automatically receive an email each time a new question is posed. Only CoMSES members can log in and pose questions. .
3) View other presentations and ask questions to other speakers. Since the conference is over a three week period you do not experience the problem of many parallel sessions as in face-to-face conference.
Abstracts of 500 words, information on the availability of the mode code & documentation should be submitted by July 1, 2017 to You are also expected to have an up to date profile page at the website by the time of submission.

By submitting an abstract you agree both to the above conference participation requirements and to allow your talk to be posted to the conference website, as well as the CoMSES Net YouTube account.
Participants will be informed if their submissions have been accepted by July 15, 2017. Videos of the talks will be due by September 15.The online conference will take place from October 2-20, 2017.

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