Exploring Transitions towards Sustainable Construction v1.0.0

This model, complemented with knowledge that was elicited from several stakeholders within the building sector, helps to inspect the implication of common beliefs in the path of shaping possible futures toward a transition to near-zero energy buildings (nZEB’s). This model exemplifies actor interaction in the construction sector, according to information gathered from relevant actors in the Netherlands. It offers a simple frame to represent diverse interests, interdependencies and effects on the diffusion (number) of built sustainable houses. We assume a grid-like city endowed with n x n cells, each of which can sustain either a near-zero energy (nZE) or a normal home. Each cell can have one of six potential states: (i) unused land, (ii) spotted / occupied by a project developer, (iii) under land sale permission request, (iv) under a construction permission request, (v) hosting a built nZE home (sold and on sale), or (vi) hosting a normal home (sold and on sale).
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