Garbage can model NetLogo implementation 1.0.0

The concept of GCM is decision making, which resolve Problems. Problems have Energy Required (ER) for their decision, Managers (decision makers) have Effective Energy (EE) for the decisions generation. The place of decision-making is the Choice Opportunities (Choices) - abstraction of commitees, consul boards and so on. The Choices and Problems open randomly. The Problems activated by two items and Choices by one item per step of modellig (tick) in first halfe of modelling time. All Managers are ready for action from first modelling step. Problems and Managers access to Choices in according with system structrure. There is three types of Problems access to Choices and three types of Managers access to Choices. Presented model literally reproduces the original logic of GCM (with one exception: the equal effective energy distribution between managers assumed).
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