GIS tools extension for NetLogo

Here is a recent announcement. I’ve looked this briefly and it is quite impressive.

Michael Barton

From: (masked)
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 10:30 PM
To: (masked)
Subject: [netlogo-users] GIS Extension to NetLogo

A beta version of the GIS Extension for NetLogo is now available for
downloading from the CCL website: (updated link)

The extension provides primitives for importing vector GIS data (in
the form of ESRI shapefiles) and raster GIS data (in the form of ESRI
ascii grid files) into NetLogo. Installation instructions and the
complete documentation are at the above link.

I don’t consider the extension to be feature-complete at this point,
but it does have enough functionality to be useful to the community.
And it’s been pretty well tested, as I’ve been using myself it to
develop models for the past month or so. If you encounter any bugs, or
if you have any suggestions for additional functionality, please let
me know. Thanks,


Eric Russell
[email protected]

I didn’t see this earlier, but there was a talk at Swarmfest demo’ing this and I also thought it did a very very nice job of making GIS based ABMs accessible.

Can you please update the link to this gis-extension. It sounds very interesting, but I can not find this extension on the netlogo website.

As of the NetLogo 4.0.3 release, the GIS extension is now bundled (rather than being a separate download). Some bugs in the extension were fixed as well.