Health and social public information office (SPUN) simulation v1.0.0

In the left part, several paramethers related to the functioning of the office and to the employees can be setted: the opening hours of the office the working hours of the employee in front-office and back-office activities the (random) frequency of new cases Once all the variables are selected, the buttons “setup” create the world and “START” begin the simulation. The central area visualize the functioning of the office. The cases, represented as faces, initially stay in the top of the screen. The cases arrive to the office with the random frequency as indicated by specific selectors in the set-up phase. Four weeks are represented in the screen, for each day, as selected in the set-up. Cases can be more or less difficult. Operators works to solve the cases which remain in the red area until they are dismissed going in the green bottom part of the screen. The right part of the screen report indicators of the cases and the hours worked by the employees in the selected simulatation.
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