IMBER IMBIZO Marine and human systems: Addressing multiple scales and multiple stressors 26-30 October 2015, Trieste, Italy

Dear colleagues,

as you might know, one of the next IMBER/IMBIZO workshops (workshop 3) is devoted to multi-scale social-ecological models in support of sustainable ocean management. The workshop aims to bring together natural and social scientists from the modelling community, as well as experts in policy and the human dimensions related to the marine environment.

Policy-and decision-makers need assessments of status and trends in marine habitats, species and ecosystems to ensure human activities in the marine environment remain sustainable, particularly in the face of global change. Central to these assessments are statistical and dynamic models of habitats, species, ecosystems, human activities and social systems.

Topics for workshop discussion include

  • available habitat, species, ecosystem and human-dimension models
  • challenges of linking models at different scales
  • requirements for sharing and assembling social-ecological models and associated data
  • discussion of the needs and the potential for multi-scale social-ecological models

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We are sure the workshop will be fun, with interesting and stimulating discussion and with your participation will produce a useful review of our current state on this important topic.

Deadline for submission of abstracts outlining a topic for discussion is 15 June 2015