MIOvPOPsurveillance is set up to simulate harvest-based chronic wasting disease (CWD) surveillance of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) populations in select Michigan Counties. New regions can be readily added, also the model can be readily adapted for other disease systems and used for informed-decision making during planning and implementation stages of disease surveillance in wildlife and free-ranging species.

User selects a sampling region (Chooser: Sampling_Region), after making sure that the respective pre-harvest population file is available in the same folder as that of MIOvPOPsurveillance. Pre-harvest population files for select Michigan Counties are available for download. Alternatively, model MIOvPOP can be used to create a pre-harvest population of white-tailed deer for other region of interest.

User further selects the assumption for distribution of CWD in the deer population (Chooser: (CWD_distribution). CWD prevalence is specified age-class wise (Sliders: Fawn-prevalence, Yearling-prevalence and Adult-prevalence). Gender-wise distribution of CWD cases is specified using the slider ‘m-f-prev-ratio’. For example, if CWD is beleived to have a 2-times higher prevalence in males compared to females, the slider ‘m-f-prev-ratio’ should be set at .65.

User then selects the assumption regarding the sampling method, using Chooser ‘Sampling’ (random_sampling or non-random_sampling). Sample sizes can be further specified for each age-class/ sex category using respective sliders: %FawnMaleHarvestTested/%YearlingMaleHarvestTested/%AdultMaleHarvestTested/%FawnFemaleHarvestTested/%YearlingFemaleHarvestTested/%AdultFemaleHarvestTested.

User can also change the gender- and age-classwise hunting and non-hunting mortality rates using the sliders provided on the interface.

The output file has the following details: pre-harvest demographics, age-class/gender wise distribution of CWD+ deer, age-class/gender wise harvest, number of deer tested for CWD in each age-class/gender, total CWD+deer harvested, total CWD+deer detected, and observed prevalence.

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