Miss-abms 2018

The principles, methods and technics of the design, implementation and exploration of agent-based modelling and simulation are taught and then applied by the trainees during practical sessions. During the first week, demonstrations and hands-on sessions on the three proposed platforms (CORMAS, GAMA, NetLogo) allow participants to choose a platform and get ready to use it. They are also guided by the trainers to start designing collectively a toy agent-based model by groups of 2-4 trainees sharing similar research topics. During the second week, the trainers support the participants in implementing and fine-tuning their prototype agent-based models. Specific points are also addressed according to the expectations and demands of the participants, and some applications developed by the trainers are presented and demonstrated.

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Registration fees: €1,500 (researchers) / €800 (students)

Contact & information: [email protected]

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