Multi-Agent Modelling for an Agrarian Society

The interdisciplinary research centre REEDS at the UVSQ*, wishes to recruit two persons at post-doctoral or research officer level, for work on a novel interdisciplinary research project to develop a multi-agent model for a Neolithic agrarian society.

The project OBRESOC — Un observatoire rétrospectif d’une société archéologique: la trajectoire du néolithique Rubané — is funded by the French national research agency (ANR) and coordinated by Professeur Jean-Pierre BOCQUET-APPEL, Directeur de recherché à l’UPR 2147 “Dynamique de l’Évolution Humaine : Individus, Populations, Espèces” (CNRS, Paris). Within the project, which will run until late 2012, the REEDS team at the UVSQ has primary responsibility for development of a agent-based model that will be used as a framework for integrating and confronting the diverse disciplinary contributions from other project partners at different analysis scales.

Work tasks and responsibilities will include:
- Review of French and international literature in related fields of multi-agent modelling and ecological economics analysis of agrarian societies;
- Experimentation with existing models for assessment of their conceptual strengths and weaknesses, their explanatory power and technical performance (including software functioning);
- Liaison with OBRESOC project partners to identify key concepts and possible model parameters, and to build progressively the modelling framework as a support for inter-disciplinary dialogue;
- Preparation of internal workshops with project partners;
- Preparation of reports and audiovisual presentations (PowerPoint, PDF, Internet, etc.)
- Comprehensive scientific documentation of the modelling and related social science work.

Appropriate skills and experience will include multi-agent modelling competence, social science, ecological economics and project management. French is the working language of the project, but English language capability is also important. Interviews with suitable candidates will take place in late March and early April 2010. Immediate appointment is possible for the right person(s). Salary level will depend on qualifications and experience but, in line with prevailing rates for post-doctoral researchers ion France, is likely to be negotiated in the range of 1800-2400 euros net/month.

  • For further information, please contact:
    Professor Martin O’CONNOR
    Director REEDS (EE 4456 à l’UVSQ)
    Research in Ecological economics, Eco-innovation & Tool Development for Sustainability
    Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France
    Email: [email protected]
    NOTE: Although the present opportunities are specifically linked to the OBRESOC project, prospects at REEDS are good for ongoing employment in ecological economics, integrated assessment and related sustainability fields.

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