Participatory modelling researcher

The French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) is seeking a participatory modelling researcher for the “Renewable Resource Management and Environment” Research Unit (40 people including 18 researchers). The UR develops interdisciplinary and participatory modelling approaches to promote the sustainable management of natural resources in developing countries, and supports collective action among stakeholders and dialogue between disciplines.

The “companion modelling” approach and multi-agent modelling platforms developed by the UR aim to shed light on and generate discussion around how Socio-Ecological Systems (SES) work and the direction they are taking. In this role, modelling is i) a research topic; ii) an operational tool for participation and foresight; and iii) a pedagogical tool. It aims to enhance innovation in the UR as regards dialogue between science and society.

The modeller will work within interdisciplinary groups and be responsible for: i) developing dynamic, participatory and interdisciplinary SES models, computerised or not; ii) Using them with local stakeholders and researchers to create, analyse and debate co-designed prospective scenarios and simulate SES adaptation and transformation trajectories; iii) disseminating our modelling approaches and tools through networking, training and expert assessment.

(S)he will create modelling strategies and tools to handle interaction between local and regional management and investigate the link between combining tools and modelling effects.

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