PhD Position in Multiagent Simulation in Örebro/Sweden

  • MSRC, Orebro University:
  • Open PhD Position
  • Alignment between Multi-Agent Simulation and Virtual 3d Worlds

A new 3-years PhD position is immediately available at the
MoS Modeling and Simulation Center, University of Örebro, Sweden
under the supervision of Dr. Franziska Kluegl.

The major part of the PhD studies can be dedicated to research in
connecting different representations of the same system during
simulation, such as a high-detail 3d animation with a less detailed
Multi-Agent Simulation:
There are several application scenarios for Multi-Agent Simulations
in that different dynamic representations of the same or related
systems have to be connected during simulation: connecting sensor
systems with running simulation or simulations with high-detail
animation. Basing on component-based and distributed simulation
techniques as well as formal treatment of relations between agents
during the simulation, the PhD student’s task is it to develop a
framework for aligning different representations on different levels of
detail in an efficient way. Ideas can be tested in interdisciplinary
simulation projects for example in the area of pedestrian simulation
and their detailed visualization in Virtual 3d worlds.

In addition to interest in the topic, the ideal applicant possesses
a strong theoretical background (preferably in software engineering
of distributed systems, formal models of multiagent systems),
solid programming skills and communicative skills.
The applicants should have the equivalent of a Masters degree in an
appropriate field (for example: Intelligent Systems
and Robotics, Computer Science or Applied Mathematics).
It is not necessary to be familiar with the Swedish language but
proficiency in written/spoken English is mandatory.

To apply for the position, please send a motivation letter along with
an updated CV (including at least two academic references) by e-mail to Dr. Franziska Kluegl ([email protected]).

Applications can be sent immediately and will be considered until the
position is fixed.

We are looking forward to your application!

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