PostDoc in Energy Systems Modelling, ETH Zurich

The Group for Sustainability and Technology (SusTec) at ETH Zurich searches for 1-2 Postdoctoral Researchers with quantitative modelling experience in the field of technological and institutional change in the energy sector.

The successful candidate is expected to conduct research on technological and institutional change in the energy sector. Relevant research could be based on engineering or environmental sciences (e.g., socio-technical systems modelling, or techno-economic assessment), or on economics (e.g., energy, innovation, or evolutionary economics) - but also other approaches are welcome. The empirical areas of investigation should be related to new technologies, e.g. renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, e-mobility or smart grid technologies.

An integral part of the work at SusTec will consist of conducting joint research projects together with other SusTec researchers, advising PhD and master students, and contributing to the group’s teaching activities.

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