Postdoc on modeling social-ecological dynamics

Postdoctoral research opportunity:
Modeling social-ecological dynamics in recreational fishery landscapes

We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to work with our interdisciplinary research team to build synthesis models of social-ecological dynamics in recreational fishery landscapes. This is a unique opportunity for a researcher with strong quantitative skills and broad interests in social-ecological dynamics, economics, and/or fisheries to develop their own research in collaboration with our diverse, NSF-funded team, which includes fisheries scientists and aquatic ecosystem ecologists, resource and environmental economists, and social and sustainability scientists. The researcher will also have access to extensive existing social and ecological data sets including results from new large-scale experiments.

The details of the project will be co-developed by the candidate and the supervisors and submitted as an application for the Socio-Environmental Immersion Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) in Annapolis, Maryland. This fellowship program provides up to two years of support, including a competitive stipend, benefits, and a travel allowance. Details about SEYNC’s postdoctoral fellowship program and application process are described here. Note that the deadline for candidate pre-screening is 24 October 2018, the deadline for the full application is 14 November 2018, and that significant time will be required to co-develop a competitive proposal with the mentor and research team. Interested candidates should therefore contact Dr. Chris Solomon ([email protected]) as soon as possible. Please include a CV along with your brief statement of interest, and highlight experience building and using fisheries population models, agent-based models, or other dynamic simulation models in ecology and/or social science applications.

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