Programmer to optimize agent-based model of an endangered species

The Human-Environment Systems group at Boise State University is looking for a programmer to assist with optimizing code for an agent-based model of endangered species.

The model is described in Carter, N., Levin, S., Barlow, A. and Grimm, V., 2015. Modeling tiger population and territory dynamics using an agent-based approach. Ecological Modelling, 312, pp.347-362.

Primary tasks that the programmer would assist with include efforts to:

• Develop algorithms to effectively upscale the model from a site to a larger region

• Create a web interface (or other user-friendly interface) to allow use of the model by policy makers with no or limited programming skills.

• Generalize the model to multiple species.

Code optimization in NetLogo would be preferred, but other options could be explored as well.

A research contract equivalent to a competitive salary for 6-12 months is possible. The contract would ideally start immediately. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen.

If interested, please contact Dr. Neil Carter ([email protected]) and be prepared to share a CV and previous experience that relates to this work.

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