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Relevant models of past pandemics/epidemics

What are useful existing models to start developing a model for the corona virus spread?

There are a number of relevant models in the COMSES library that might be starting points for corona virus models:
Model on the measles outbreak in 1805
Model of the spread of the Spanish flu
Modeling protective behavior like handwashing on spread of influenza


The third one of those is mine. It actually has a bunch of communication stuff in it which is completely irrelevant for the epidemic modelling. Further, if you dump the communication elements, you no longer need the extended widgets NetLogo extension. I use a cleaned up version of the model for my ABM training courses, and it is available at That version does not have communication, but it also does not have population density.

I should also note that the epidemic transmission in the model is actually done with spatial difference equations (so is a system dynamics approach), but the behaviour is modelled with agents.

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I’ve found a couple of open-source, individual based models:


Dan T

Thanks for sharing these useful links.

I think, instead of everyone starts building and publishing models, there should be a coordinated group to build a good and validated one.

If I can help to any team with my expertise, time, code etc., please contact me asap.

Take care

Hi Manuel,

I just dropped you an email about our project using ABM to model coronavirus spread in refugee camps.



I ended up actually starting from scratch to build a COVID-19 ABM. It is oriented to social interventions and uses parameters from the literature to set disease state information and is calibrated to a deterministic SEIR model to get reasonable baseline transmission parameters. See