Two Postdoctoral Positions - Center for Modeling Complex Interactions


Please see attached the official ad for postdoctoral positions in the NIH-funded Center for Modeling Complex Interactions (CMCI) at the University of Idaho.

CMCI plans to hire two postdoctoral fellows interested in applying agent-based modeling in biomedical research.

The specialty is open, but we are particularly interested in systems biology, statistical, and agent-based modeling. Expertise in more than one modeling approach and more than one programming language is desired.

The specialties of current CMCI fellows include bioinformatics, protein modeling, and ecological modeling. CMCI interfaces with several strong research programs at the University of Idaho including bioinformatics, computational biology, evolutionary biology, microbiome ecology, infectious disease, and movement science. Fellows will have opportunities to collaborate across campus on these and other areas of biomedical research.


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