Village Ecodynamics Project 1.1.0

This project uses agent-based modeling to investigate where prehistoric people of the American Southwest would have situated their households based on both the natural and social environments in which they lived. We seek to understand general processes in the environments of southwestern Colorado between A.D. 600 and A.D. 1300. Agent-based models allow us to study a system characterized by high degrees of interaction between the landscape as it was affected by climate change and by the actions of farmers, and among the farmers themselves, as they sought to make a living in this marginal farming area. Please see the research plan for more information. Instructions for downloading and configuring swarm This model also requires a very large dataset. The model is also available in a preconfigured virtual machine that contains the model in executable form, all data files, and a simple development environment that allows you to experiment directly. This is the preferred method to explore the Village model. You may find more information and download the appliance directly from the appliance page.
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