WealthDistribRes 1.0.0

This model WealthDistribRes can be used to study the distribution of wealth in function of using a combination of resources classified in two renewable and nonrenewable. This agent-based computational model created in NetLogo 4.0.5 has the following fundamental characteristics: (i) the turtles are of two types: female and male; (ii) these turtles have a limited life expectancy determined by the parameters LifeExpectancyMax (maximum life expectancy) and LifeExpectancyMin (minimum life expectancy); (iii) patches stores a certain amount of water ResWater?0, a certain amount of food ResFood?0, a certain amount of coal ResCoal?0, a certain amount of oil ResOil?0, a certain amount of gas ResGas?0, a certain amount of uranium ResUranium?0, a certain amount of wind ResWind?0, a certain amount of sun ResSun?0, a certain amount of tides ResTides ?0, and a certain amount of geothermal heat ResGeothermalHeat?0; all these resources are converted in energy; these ten resources are divided in two: the first type are renewable resources and here are included water, food, wind, geothermal heat, tides and sun resources that are replenished on every simulation step; the second type are nonrenewable resources (coal, oil, gas, uranium); (iv) a male and female turtle can create a couple, and a number of children; (v) the children can inherit the wealth of their parents; (vi) the needs of every turtle are 1 of energy per one year processed from the available resources found on the patches; (vii) if these basic needs are not fulfilled then the respective turtle dies.
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