The Open Modeling Foundation: Community Standards for Access, Documentation, Replication, & Integration of Computational Models

A grand challenge for our time is to grow scientific modeling infrastructure to better understand the complex interactions between human and biophysical components of the Earth system. In a series of meetings over the past four years, social and natural scientists from around the world have discussed how to best meet this challenge with the next generation of computational modeling. The vision that has emerged from these discussions is of an open, evolving modeling ecosystem of potentially interoperable, models created by diverse individual scientists and teams across the world. While new technologies can help enable such a modeling ecosystem, new scientific institutions are needed to develop and administer community standards for modeling best practices that can apply broadly across multiple global scientific communities. This requires a coordinated, international effort from social and natural science communities. To this end, the Open Modeling Foundation initiative begin in 2018 to create a federated, self-governing, meta-organization that can develop, disseminate, and administer community standards for: access, documentation, reuse, interoperability for modeling science.

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