7th TU Dresden Summer School in Individual- and Agent-based Modelling

The course provides an overview over the state-of-the art in individual- and agent-based modeling, model development, implementation, parameterization, and sensitivity analysis. Further topics are the handling of uncertainties in data, the design of simulation experiments and the statistical analyses of their results.

The class is intended primarily for graduate students interested in the development and application of IBMs/ABMs in the frame of their study and those who look for an effective strategy for analyzing running models and conducting simulation experiments.

The software platform „NetLogo“ will be used in combination with the “R” software for statistical analyses. Basic knowledge of both Netlogo and R will be useful. Material introducing NetLogo and R will be provided before the course.

Dates: July 4-12, 2013

Lecturers: Uta Berger, Volker Grimm, Cyril Piou, Steve Railsback

Further information: http://www.forst.tu-dresden.de/summerschool/