About Reusable Building Blocks

A place for CoMSES members to discuss the reusable building blocks pilot project and initiative.

GitHub Community: CoMSES Net: Reusable Model Building Blocks · GitHub

Zenodo Community: CoMSES Net: Reusable Model Building Blocks | Zenodo

Upcoming Work:

  1. Move first version of a living document description of RBBs from Google Docs here
  2. initial set of RBB reference implementations and example descriptions described here and archived on GitHub and Zenodo (?)
  3. starter discussion topics: feedback, RBB description v1, future RBB requests, etc

This is great! So glad to see this effort launched. Thank you to the RBBs team for undertaking this important task.
A practical question: is there a preferred language for the source code?

This is such a great idea! Thanks to all of the developers.
I’m going to try to add a module on human migration in the coming weeks :slight_smile:

IMO any language should be fine, and collecting multiple reference implementations in multiple languages can be a useful exercise and increase the reach of the RBB. Though I think there’s something to be said for languages that have less rigmarole and can be easily executed which makes a strong case for Jupyter Notebook compatible languages (e.g., Python, Julia, R) that also happen to have solid open source scientific communities and software packages.

Great! Please feel free to reach out on these forums if you run into any issues or have questions while you do it. There’s no shame in sharing a WIP and going through the process can help others too!