Capturing Business Complexity with Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

e are pleased to announce the eighth annual “Capturing Business Complexity with Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation” course to be jointly hosted by Argonne National Laboratory and the Santa Fe Institute. The Capturing Business Complexity course offers an intensive introduction to agent-based modeling and simulation (ABMS) with a focus on applications. During the course, a series of lectures and hands-on laboratories will be used to introduce the foundational ideas and tools of ABMS and their application to applied questions. The topics include:

1.) the definition of agents,
2.) the design and construction of agents,
3.) the design and construction of agent environments,
4.) understanding ABMS results,
5.) effectively presenting ABMS results,
6.) and applications of these core topics to specific examples.

The course includes two sessions:

1.) The first session focuses on ABMS concepts from the perspective of managers, analysts, and researchers. This session runs from Monday May 18, 2009 through the morning of Wednesday May 20, 2009. There are no prerequisites.
2.) The second session focuses on ABMS implementation from the perspective of software developers and includes extensive hands-on exercises. This session runs from Wednesday May 20, 2009 though Friday May 22, 2009. Prerequisites are a good knowledge of general ABMS concepts and a basic familiarity with programming in a high-level language. A review of the relevant programming concepts, as applied to ABMS, will be given.

Participants are invited to attend the first session, the second session, or both depending on their current knowledge and interests.
Please visit the following address for additional course information and registration details:

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