CoMSES Peer Review Process

CoMSES relies on its members to review and certify that submitted code follows three standards of practice. The code must include documentation, preferably in a known format such as ODD. The code must be clean and well commented so that other users can understand your code. Finally, the code must be runnable by others and any necessary files for the model to run must be included.

What are the responsibilities of a reviewer for CoMSES?

CoMSES reviewers are periodically asked to review models submitted for peer review to certify that they adhere to good software practices.

How do you volunteer to be a reviewer for CoMSES?

You can volunteer to become a reviewer by filling out this form.

How to review a model for CoMSES?

Once you have volunteered to be a reviewer for CoMSES, the CoMSES editorial staff will periodically send you an email asking you to review a model. The email will include the name of the model and a link to its page in the CoMSES model library. At the bottom of the email you will see a link to accept or decline the invitation.

If you choose to accept the invitation you will receive an email thanking you for agreeing to review the model. At the conclusion of this email you will see a link to ‘your review feedback page.’ At this link you will be able to input your feedback on the model you have been asked to review.

This link will bring you to the Peer Review Feedback Form. If you have not already done so, you can download the model you are reviewing at the top of this page.

Examine the model you are reviewing using the criteria outlined at the top of the page and listed here. Then complete the forms for ‘runnable,’ ‘documentation,’ and ‘clean code.’ A checked box indicates that the model is sufficient; each comment box must contain a comment.

Finally, you may make a private comment to the CoMSES review editor and provide a recommendation using the box below.

If the model meets all three criteria and is certified, then your role is complete. If the model does not meet all of the criteria then the editor will contact the model author and ask that they modify their model according to your suggestions. If they modify the model, the editor will contact you and ask you to review the model again. If you are asked to re-review a model, your previous comments will be visible along with the peer review feedback form.