Correlated Random Walk (NetLogo)

Correlated Random Walk (NetLogo) (version 1.0.0)

This is NetLogo code that presents two alternative implementations of Correlated Random Walk (CRW): - 1. drawing the turning angles from the uniform distribution, i.e. drawing the angle with the same probability from a certain given range; - 2. drawing the turning angles from von Mises distribution. The move lengths are drawn from the lognormal distribution with the specified parameters.

Correlated Random Walk is used to represent the movement of animal individuals in two-dimensional space. When modeled as CRW, the direction of movement at any time step is correlated with the direction of movement at the previous time step. Although originally used to describe the movement of insects, CRW was later shown to sufficiently well describe the empirical movement data of other animals, such as wild boars, caribous, sea stars.

This building block can be re-used in other (potentially more complex) models to reflect movement of individuals, for which CRW is a sufficient description of their movement.

Release Notes

This is the first release of this model version.

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