Earth Surface Processes Institute (ESPIn)

Earth Surface Processes Institute (ESPIn)

The Earth Surface Processes Institute (ESPIn) is a six-day immersive training experience organized by CSDMS for 25 early career scientists, including graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers, and faculty. ESPIn is designed to help participants advance their research in earth and planetary surface processes by teaching skills in numerical modeling, in modern, collaborative, scientific software development, and in the use of open source community cyberinfrastructure. A mix of experienced scientists, visiting faculty, and research software engineers provide instruction.

ESPIn is a combination of learning and doing.

ESPIn is a combination of learning and doing! ESPIn uses the CSDMS Ivy course material, with topics including:

Project Jupyter Introduction to the Shell Text Editors and Development Environments The Anaconda Distribution Introduction to Version Control with Git and GitHub Basics of Python Programming Python Programming for ESP Scientists Landlab The Permamodel Toolkit The Basic Model Interface The Python Modeling Toolkit High-Performance Computing Best Practices in Scientific Software Development

Participants will also be invited to attend the CSDMS 2023 Annual Meeting May 16 through 18, 2023 in the same location.

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