“Food for all” (FFD)

“Food for all” (FFD) (version 1.0.0)

“Food for all” (FFD) is an agent-based model designed to study the evolution of cooperation for food storage. Households face the social dilemma of whether to store food in a corporate stock or to keep it in a private stock. The model is a stylized abstraction of the main factors that we consider to drive the evolution of cooperation in storage:

  • The efficiency of common and private storage

  • The underlying learning process through which a successful strategy is reinforced from one generation to the next (modelled as the change in the probability to cooperate)

  • A social norm controlling access to corporate storage (modelled as the degree of intolerance towards defective behaviour)

  • The probability of having enough food to satisfy household needs, based on procurement alone (i.e., without considering storage)

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