Formalising fisher diversity in FIBE

Presenter: Nanda Wijermans

Part of the Panel on Modeling Human Decision Making in Social-Ecological Systems




Hi Nanda,
I like your concept of fishing styles to formalize fisher behaviors!
I found a bit difficult to understand the ratio of optimal fish stock, could you please give the details of its calculation? Also, how is it that for the trawler fishing style, the starting point of the simulation (t=0) is not the same than for the two other fishing styles, i.e. the reference value where ratio of optimal fish stock = 1 ?

Hi Nanda

As you know I like this work very much. Contemplating a bit about this, I got the thought that archipelago fishers are basically individual humans, with all their (social) needs, whereas a trawler is a business model (the owner may be in an office or even may be a banker), and the needs of a business are obviously different (profit driven) that those of an individual. The coastal fisher might be a sort of in-between (transitional option). Do data indicate that the coastal fishery is the most susceptible for variations in the fish stock? Just wondering about the generic principles of how businesses emerge as an “efficient way” of exploiting natural resources.