Garbage can model Excel reconstruction

Reconstruction of the original code of the classical model M. Cohen, J. March, and J. Olsen (garbage can model, GCM or CMO). Using the obtained tool detected that the content model of many researchers interpreted the surface, due to the lack of attention to the algorithmic part of the source. Found the unstable behavior of the system under heavy load and unsegmented access and decision structures, set Load variable value ranges influencing the behavior of the system. Also (in the author’s article) carried out a logical analysis of the system of arbitrary dimension and the analytical result obtained for the case of unsegmented access and decision structures under light, moderate and heavy load. Reconstruction realized by means of Microsoft Office Excel 2010. The code is implemented as a Visual Basic macro, input and output data (log with numerically designated garbage cans) are placed on Excel sheets. The most complex pieces of code commented, for such fragments indicated the corresponding Visual Basic lines to the original model FORTRAN code lines.

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