Geomorphology and agent models at EGU

We invite you to submit your research on the use of cellular automaton models or agent-based models in geomorphology to the following session for the EGU 2011 General Assembly (Vienna, 3-8 April 2011): “Simplicity in Geomorphology: Applications of Cellular Automata and Agent-Based Models”.

Both cellular automata models (CA) and agent-based models (ABM) have the advantage of conceptual simplicity coupled with the ability to simulate complex dynamics. This session discusses the current state-of-the art of both these modelling techniques, and their impact on the field of geomorphology. We invite contributions highlighting recent methodological developments of CA and ABM as exploratory tools, as well as contributions which illustrate applications of these models to real-world problems.

Session: GM2.5 - Simplicity in Geomorphology: Applications of Cellular Automata and Agent-Based Models

Session Details:

Abstract Submission:

Abstract Deadline: 10 January 2011

Session Convenors:

Johnny Douvinet, University of Avignon, France ([email protected]

Marco Van de Wiel, University of Western Ontario, Canada ([email protected])

James Brasington, Aberystwyth University, UK ([email protected])

Mike Bithell, University of Cambridge, UK ([email protected])

If you have any questions regarding this session, please contact any of the session convenors.


As part of abstract submission this year, there will be a EUR 40 Abstract Processing Charge (APC) per abstract. This is to help address the issue of the 10-25% "no shows" per session, i.e. abstracts submitted but then not presented. The registration fees will be reduced to take into account the abstract fee, so that the total cost for registration + APC for someone submitting one abstract during the EGU2011 will be the same as the registration fees for the former assemblies in 2010 and 2009.

The deadline for the receipt of Abstracts is 10 Jan 2011.

In case you would like to apply for support (see, please submit no later than 03 Dec 2010.


Johnny, Marco, James and Mike.

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