Help for Beginners to Verify Models

I would like to know if i am building the models alright. Is there a website where beginners can send their work to for experts to look through and give feedback

This site has a few resources. Take a look at the education section. Are you more concerned about the code conforming to best practice or the performance of the model?

Our textbook (Railsback and Grimm 2012) includes a lot of material on model testing - starting from code testing over model verification to model validation using multiple patterns.

As for terminology and general steps of model testing/verification, please have a look at:

Augusiak, J., Van den Brink, P. J., & Grimm, V. (2014). Merging validation and evaluation of ecological models to ‘evaludation’: a review of terminology and a practical approach. Ecological Modelling, 280, 117-128.

Grimm, V., Augusiak, J., Focks, A., Frank, B. M., Gabsi, F., Johnston, A. S., … & Thorbek, P. (2014). Towards better modelling and decision support: documenting model development, testing, and analysis using TRACE. Ecological modelling, 280, 129-139.

If you are a beginner in modeling and programming, start with visual inspections, time step by stime step: does the model do what you think it should? Test your model: for simplified settings where you can easily predict the outcomes, for a wide range of inputs, and compare different versions of it. Test submodels separately.

I hope this helps.

Volker Grimm