Introductory course in individual- and agent-based modelling

Uta Berger, Steve Railsback, Cyril Piou and I will give a short course on agent- and individual-based modeling this October.

The course will focus on why and how to use agent-based modeling in science. We will use the software platform NetLogo. Topics will include:

  • What modeling is, and how it works.
  • What ABMs are and when and why they are used.
  • What decisions you have to make to formulate an ABM.
  • How to implement and analyze ABMs using Netlogo.
  • The role of observed patterns for designing and parameterizing ABMs.

The instructors are mainly ecologists and we will draw extensively from the book “Individual-based Modeling and Ecology” (; but the class will be interdisciplinary and is open to graduate students in all fields.

The class will be 8-12 October, in a beautiful rural setting near Dresden, Germany. It will be taught in English and limited to a very small size, so please apply soon.

Additional information is available here: (see “What’s New”).

Volker Grimm

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