LimnoSES - social-ecological lake management undergoing regime shifts 1.1.0

LimnoSES is a coupled system dynamics, agent-based model to simulate social-ecological feedbacks in lake use and management. The focus lies on shallow lakes where ecological regime shifts can occur between the turbid and the clear water state. We provide a regime shift evaluation that includes social responses and regulation mechanisms of important drivers in the lake. In particular, the coordination among private house owners with insufficient sewage water systems and the regulating municipality play an important role since it causes time lags of social responses to changes in the lake state.
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Check for installation recommendations the models repository on To run experiments from the behavior space one needs to create a subfolder called ‘simdata’ (on the same level where the .nlogo file is stored) where all the generated result files are stored.

Hi Romina,
Excuse me, I found an error when I press the Setup button saying

The file C:\Users\yz7n15\AppData\Local\Temp\\code\simdata\SewageDRestore_ScenhomoOwners_w0.1_n00.7_n2_R1_annual.csv cannot be found
error while observer running FILE-PRINT
called by procedure GO
called by Button '10 years

I guess this csv spreadsheet should be generated during the setup process, but something went wrong in Setup code.
Could you help with this problem?

Hi Yanyie,

Sorry to hear that the installation is still causing issues - did you check whether you have the subfolder ‘simdata’ beside the .nlogo file before executing it? If you have a recommendation for creating a folder from within NetLogo, I am happy to integrate that.
Looking forward to hear if this works, best,

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Hi Romina,

Cheers it works with subfolder ‘simdata’ created beside the file. So far the model runs smooth!