MiniDemographicABM.jl: A simplified agent-based demographic model of the UK

MiniDemographicABM.jl: A simplified agent-based demographic model of the UK (2.1.0)

This package implements a simplified non-calibrated agent-based demographic model of the UK. Individuals of an initial population are subject to ageing, deaths, births, divorces and marriages. The main purpose of the model is to explore and exploit capabilities of the state-of-the-art Agents.jl Julia package as well as other ecosystem of Julia packages like GlobalSensitivity.jl. Code includes examples for evaluating sensitivity analysis using OFAT, Morris and Sobol methods. Additionally, the model can serve as a base model to be adjusted to realistic large-scale socio-economics, pandemics or social interactions-based studies mainly within a demographic context. A specific case-study simulation is progressed with a user-defined simulation fixed step size on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis or even an arbitrary user-defined clock rate.

Release Notes

  • V1.0 (22.2.2023) : First initial implementation exploring various capabilities of Agents.jl as a demonstration of how to implement an abstract demographic ABM, not yet calibrated. A space type was implemented as a demonstration. A comprehensive set of unit tests is included. Blue style coding convetions are followed.
    • V1.0.1 (14.7.23) : updating ReadMe with usually demanded information
  • V1.1 (28.7.23): Model documentation as a pdf and unified naming convention of model parameters
  • V1.2 (27.9.23): Equaivalent simulation program based on ABMSim Version 0.7
    • V1.2.1 (11.10.23): ABMSim V0.7.2 for removing the cause of Agents.jl performance drop when using ABMSim
  • V1.3(23.10.23): improved specification / documentation
  • V2.0(6.11.23): Global Sensitivity Analysis with Morris Index, bugs resolved due to expansion of the parameter space
  • V2.1(24.11.23): GSA with Sobol indices, parallelizaztion multi-threadin, OFAT local sensitivity analysis algorithm

Associated Publications

[1] Atiyah Elsheikh, Specification of MiniDemographicABM.jl: A simplified agent-based demographic model of the UK. Technical report, arXiv:2307.16548, 2023

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