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Modelling human decision making and behaviour in social-ecological systems: practical lessons learned and ways forward


Presenter: Nina Schwarz

Part of the Panel on Modeling Human Decision Making in Social-Ecological Systems

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Panel: Modeling human decision making in social-ecological systems

Hi Nina,
Very impressive performance, I enjoyed your talk very much!
Do you have an example of ABM based on TOPB? Are you more often working on theoretical models, or do you also implement empirical-based ABMs making direct use of human decision-making theories?
Best regards,


Hi Christophe,
thanks for your feedback! One example ABM based on the TOPB is described in:
Schwarz, N., Ernst, A., 2009. Agent-based modeling of the diffusion of environmental innovations - An empirical approach. Technol. Forecast. Soc. Change 76, 497–511. doi:
This ABM is based on an empirical survey to find the parameters needed for the TOPB. At the moment, I am more frequently working with theoretical models, but this might change again in the future!
Kind regards,