MS student for coupled natural and human systems project

The School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine is seeking a to enroll a student as early as May or June 2010 in the dual masters degree in marine science and policy. The student will study and work on a strongly interdisciplinary research project funded by the Coupled Natural and Human Systems program within NSF. A competitive stipend, tuition, health and student fees will be provided for three years. The project combines the work of social, biological and computer scientists and will develop agent-based learning models meant to simulate the fine scale dynamics of social and natural systems in three fisheries in the Gulf of Maine.

We seek a student with training in the social sciences and knowledge of marine biology or ecology. The student must be research oriented and enthusiastic about working and learning in a multidisciplinary team. The student will participate in a set of research tasks that will include in-depth interviews and focus groups with fishermen and the translation of conceptual models into computational models. Training in computer science will be considered a plus.

Contact James Wilson, [email protected], for more information.
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