NASA / UNVIE Earth Viz Challenge

NASA / UNVIE Earth Viz Challenge

Use space-generated data to make life better on Earth

The objective of this competition is to use open science practices to uncover new ways that remotely sensed data can improve outcomes for future generations here on Earth. Participants will leverage publicly available Earth observation data and visualization techniques to combat hunger, increase access to clean water, and take action on climate change (UN Sustainable Development Goals 2, 6, and 13).

Earth observation data provide accurate and free information on our atmosphere, oceans, ecosystems, land cover, and built environment. NASA and other U.S. government agencies have made satellite, airborne, and in-situ sensor datasets openly available to help monitor our planet and enable informed decision making.

However, unlocking the full potential of Earth observation data requires us to change how we we make scientific discoveries and who is involved. You can be part of the open science revolution to create a more inclusive, interdisciplinary, and collaborative ecosystem. This competition is for solvers around the world with a variety of backgrounds, from social scientists to programmers to entrepreneurs to community activists.

The top teams will have the opportunity to participate in UNVIEā€™s 10-day Space Exchange program. They will attend the prestigious Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, and discuss the future of space exploration with policymakers and innovators in Washington, DC.

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