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PhD creating Deer ABM

PhD creating Deer ABM

Ph.D. Graduate Research Opportunity: Simulating Individual Deer to Improve Management

At the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University, we are working with colleagues at Boston University and elsewhere to simulate white-tailed deer using an agent-based approach to improve coordinated management of deer. This National Science Foundation CNH2-supported project integrates social data, infra-red aerial surveys of deer, and information from managers to, among other things, create agent-based models of select individual townships. A separate agent-based modeling effort will occur across all of Massachusetts and New York. We will assess questions about the means to reduce damage from deer through coordinated versus individualistic management actions.

A Graduate Research Assistantship is available for a well-qualified Ph.D. student to develop an independent research project within the context of the broader research. The project will include an on-site component, working with local stakeholders to ensure models are representative and address pertinent questions. The Ph.D. student will be working with Dr. Boone and other project participants to construct and use the agentbased simulation models.

We seek a well qualified and self-motivated student holding an M.S. degree. Computer programming experience will be helpful, as will an ability to work effectively in a team setting. To apply, send the following information by email to Randall Boone: 1) a cover letter outlining your research interests and experience, 2) a detailed CV, and 3) contact information for at least 2 academic referees. Members of under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. Graduate student stipend and tuition fees are available for 3 years, subject to satisfactory progress in both coursework and research.

Contact: Dr. Randall Boone Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory 1499 Campus Delivery Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 80523-1499 Email: Phone: 970-491-1806 Web:

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