PhD position: Learning for Model Design Support in Multi-Agent Simulation

MoS Modeling and Simulation Center, Orebro University:
PhD Opportunity
Learning for Model Design Support in Multi-Agent Simulation

A new 3-years PhD position is immediately available at the
MoS Modeling and Simulation Center, University of Örebro, Sweden
under the supervision of Dr. Franziska Kluegl.

The major part of the PhD studies can be dedicated to research in
the area of Learning for Model Design Support in Multi-Agent Simulation:
Developing Multi-Agent Simulation Model is a challenging task that
is often done in a suboptimal try and error procedure. Our idea is that it can be supported by learning and adaptive agents cooperating with a human modeler. There are various interesting starting points for the development and application of learning agent architectures and mechanisms from Artificial Intelligence such as reinforcement learning, classification learning or evolutionary strategies. Simulated agents shall use such techniques for discovering non-valid situations, selecting interaction partners, revising decision rules, etc. The human modeler evaluates the suggestions of the learning agents or supports them by pointing to particular problematic or interesting situations. Such an interplay between learning agents and human modeler may result in an efficient model development process and finally to a valid Multi-Agent Simulation
model. Ideas can be tested in interdiscilinary simulation projects
for example in the area of pedestrian simulation.

In addition to interest in the topic, a strong theoretical background and solid programming skills, applicants should have the equivalent of a Masters degree in an appropriate field (for example: Intelligent Systems and Robotics, Computer Science, Physics or Applied Mathematics).
It is not necessary to be familiar with the Swedish language but
proficiency in written/spoken English is mandatory.

To apply for the position, please send a motivation letter along with an updated CV (including at least two academic references) by e-mail to Dr. Franziska Kluegl ([email protected]).
Applications can be sent immediately and will be considered until the position is fixed.

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