PhD Scholarship on "Coevolution of languages and social networks" at Nanyang Technological University Singapore

A 4-year PhD scholarship is available on the topic “Coevolution of languages and social networks” at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, starting August 2019.

The PhD candidate will be hosted within the Interdisciplinary Graduate School PhD Programme. This position is particularly ideal for individuals seeking interdisciplinary training, and to combine one or more methodologies: network theory and methods; agent-based modelling; psycholinguistics; neurolinguistics. The successful candidate will be co-supervised by a team:

  • Prof. Luca Onnis (Main Supervisor, Cognitive Science)
  • Prof. Poong Oh (Co-Supervisor, Network Science)
  • Prof. Stephen Lansing (Senior Mentor, Complexity Science).

Please visit:

A detailed description of the project is available at:

For more information please contact [email protected][email protected]

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