Post-doc position at the Groningen Center for Social Complexity Studies, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

SMARTEES is a Horizon2020 project aimed at simulating a number of successful social innovations in the energy transition, and developing - together with people in the field - a “sandbox model” to experiment with strategies to stimulate societal change. A total of 11 European partners will work together in this exiting project that will run for 3 years. We hope SMARTEES will make a difference in policy making, addressing the social forces that often are critical in reaching a tipping point towards change.

Starting in April 2018, the focus of a Post-doc will be at the modeling of human behaviour for a number of empirical cases of successful community transitions. The Consumat framework will be used as architecture for developing a simulated population of selected cases. Empirical data from other work packages will be implemented in the model to construct a valid and representative population. Simulation runs will have to be capable of replicating empirical cases. This will serve as a validation before using the simulation in a sand-box setting –developed in another work package - to test policies in new cases.

The person we are looking for combines social computational skills with an interest in social change towards sustainability. Programming skills are a prerequisite in this project. Experience in cross-disciplinary research comes in handy. A good command of the English language and writing skills are a necessity. Last but not least, we are looking for a person sharing our fascination for how simulation models can help us in supporting a transition towards a sustainable planet.

Groningen is a very pleasant city to live. The 200.000 inhabitants enjoy the vibrant old inner-city, and biking is their dominant way of transportation. In 2 hours you travel to Amsterdam or to one of the beautiful Frisian islands.

Interested? For further information contact Wander Jager, [email protected]

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