Postdoc on Multiagent Systems

AASS, the AI institution at Örebro University in Örebro, Sweden is looking for a postdoctoral candidate to work in the intersection of HCI, Multiagent Systems and Simulation. The project that the candidate shall work in, is about combining the ideas of simulation-based anticipation of future situations in digital twins with information-services in a smart building environment. Such a virtual reality version of those environments shall be populated with multiple simulated agents and aligned to real-world dynamics via diverse sensors, so that not only the static elements are realistic, but also dynamic processes are valid and can anticipate future (critical) situations before they actually happen.

We are looking a candidate who has completed a Ph.D. (or will complete very soon) in computer science or computer engineering, human computer interaction or similar directions. Programming experience in an object-oriented language is necessary, experience with Virtual Reality tools or Multiagent System platforms is preferred.
The position is a position for a fixed term of two years. The salary depends on the successful candidate’s qualifications and experience. The deadline for application is May 6, 2019. The official position announcement with more details on formalities can be found here.

The city of Örebro is in the heart of Sweden, half way between Stockholm and Gothenburg. With a population of ca. 150 000 inhabitants, Örebro is the seventh largest city in Sweden. From the area of Örebro, everything in Sweden is easy to reach, it forms a central node in the Swedish highway and railroad network. There is a rich cultural life in Örebro, with for example a world class orchester located here or the Open Art exhibition that transforms central Örebro into a large art exhibition every second year. As everywhere in Sweden, nature is not far. Örebro is located between Kilsbergen - a wonderful hiking area - and the lake Hjälmaren. Also, the two biggest Swedish lakes Vännern and Vättern, are each less than a 1 hour drive away. So, quality of life is very high in Örebro. It is not surprising that it is one of the fastest growing towns in Sweden.

Interested candidates can send an email to Prof. Franziska Klügl ([email protected]).

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